Government Jajwalyadev Naveen Girls college was started in July 2006 as per the norms of the Chhattisgarh Government.  Provisions of higher education have been there for a long time, but in this long journey of development, it was felt that a girls’ college should be established in Jangir district and accordingly, this college took shape.

We have started our journey as committed to the promotion of higher education among the students of this region, including UG in  the Faculty of Arts, Commerce,  Science  and PG courses in Geography and Mathematics. The college has become administratively and financially independent under the guidance of a full-time experienced Principal. At the same time, the students are provided various facilities of sports, Yoga, N.S.S ,fitness center , Wi-Fi  and library . Efforts are continuing at the government level to introduce new employment-oriented courses. Our entire system is trying to provide quality education and employment oriented education for the development of girls of this region.

Honorable CM Shri Vishnu deo Sai ,Chhattisgarh
Honorable Governor ,Chhattisgarh